Hello 2021

Surviving 2020 is an accomplishment in and of itself, is it not?

It was a year like no other: fires, floods, a global pandemic, political unrest, polarization, injustices, brutality, protests, demonstrations, restrictions, recommendations, guidelines, toilet paper shortages and a whole lot of masks and hand sanitizer. Our lives continue to be impacted by this virus we cannot see but we can all feel.

While 2020 came with its fair share of challenges we are headed into 2021 and taking what we have learned with us. May we all reminisce on the years bright spots (because when we look hard enough we will surely find some). As we pause in search of silver linings we recognize opportunities abound: to explore local and support local, help our neighbours and collaborate with others, appreciate all the front line workers, try our hand at sourdough, spend a ton of quality time with our bubble, binge watch Netflix, read, be flexible in how we work and creative in how we connect with others, refresh our knowledge on middle school math and science, get a Covid puppy, learn that Zoom is more than just a verb, to name a few.

In our struggles we have the opportunity to grow and learn, to be better and do better, to learn from the past and brighten the future with new found knowledge and hope for the year ahead.

Yes, what a year we had in 2020. Looking forward to what 2021 has in store.