Helping Hands

Well, although it was delayed, the surgery to repair my torn tendon finally happened.

Thumbs up to that!


But now I find myself in a bit of a predicament. I’ve always known I’m right-handed but I never actually realized how much I depend on my right hand in my daily life… And let’s just say it’s kind of out of commission for a while.
So many things I used to do with ease and speed now require a lot of time and effort: Washing my hair, brushing and flossing my teeth, typing and working on the computer, cooking & eating with a knife and fork, dressing, making my hair look nice, putting in my contact lens, carrying things, etc. And then there are some things that are impossible for me to do without some help; like tying my shoes, cutting up a watermelon, writing, twisting off any lid etc. not to mention all the water sports I won’t be able to enjoy this summer.

Yet through it all I see the silver lining. My inabilities have allowed me to see the abilities in others.
My kids CAN put their own dishes in the dishwasher and they DO know how to cook and clean and put things away.
The same goes for my husband.
This hand injury has given me the opportunity to allow my hubby and kids to shine and others as well. Family and friends have stepped up and brought meals or invited us for meals, others have washed my dishes, done my laundry, cleaned my house or carried my groceries.


I have been so surprised and delighted through this, people really do care, people really do want to help out people really are awesome.
So while this injury has not been ideal, it has provided me with the ideal opportunity to see and experience the awesomeness which surrounds me.
Thanks for the helping hand!