Hi ho, hi ho, off to the Farmer’s Market We Go!

We love farmers markets. There is something so nostalgic about the experience, after all it’s the place people exchanged and sold their wares before all the shops, supermarkets, malls and big box stores took over.

Today, the community farmers markets are a way to support local farmers and artisans as well as getting your hands on some healthy, local produce and terrific, unique arts and crafts.

Seriously, what’s not to love about the farmers market; perusing the various vendors, meeting the craftsmen/women, the growers, the bakers, the merchants, asking the farmer the differences between one variety and the next, sampling the wares before committing to the purchase, having the process of making kale chips explained, hearing the story of how a lemonade recipe has been handed down from one generation to the next or the secret behind perfect cherry tomatoes or lettuce that isn’t bitter etc. A trip to the farmers market is not just a task but an experience to enjoy and an opportunity to delve into the local folklore of the community.

The other weekend we went to the market to pick up a few items and before I knew it my basket was overflowing with fresh produce and unique finds, my head was filled with new gardening tips and my kids were brimming with excitement and anticipation of sinking their teeth into our purchases of the day and for our next visit to the farmers market. We can’t wait to go back!