In Praise of the Pomegranate

We love to sprinkle pomegranates on our Vitala yogurt at home…and that’s a good thing because pomegranates are among one of the healthiest fruits on earth.

Did you know…

…the word pomegranate means ‘apple with many seeds’ but the fruit belongs to the berry family

…pomegranates are native to the Middle East but are grown commercially and domestically in hot dry climates

…pomegranate trees can live for over 200 years and you can store the fruit for up to 2 months in the fridge

…pomegranates are classified as a super fruit and do not contain cholesterol or saturated fat

Authority Nutrition shares the benefits of adding this super fruit to your diet click here.

Pomegranates taste amazing and they are good for you…the only problem is cracking them open and extracting those juicy orbs of goodness is a lot of work…but well worth it!

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