Just hop’n around

I’VE NOTICED my kids use the term ‘totally random’ from time to time.  I actually think the phrase is kind of cool. So, after several weeks of deep thought and considering philosophy and the meaning of life, I am going to take the liberty to stray from the script.


This past weekend my wife, Helinda, and I drove into Vancouver to Science World to learn about the plight of the polar bear.  Anyway, after the session we decided to drive over to a Main Street eatery owned by one of Helinda’s friends called ‘Portland Craft’.


We each enjoyed a meal and a craft beer- Helinda’s tasted like grapefruit, as was promoted by the waitress and mine was a smooth dark malt.  There is nothing like a cold glass of beer and it’s become a bit of an art form of late and the Vancouver market is really taking off with craft breweries popping up everywhere. We chatted with Cam, the owner and he mentioned that he and some partners are starting a micro-brewery on Main St, which leads to the whole point of my story.


We, at the Bakerview EcoDairy, are seriously considering growing 10 acres of hops for such an application to sell to local microbreweries.  Another little known fact is that the spent barley grain (also called brewers grains) is fed to dairy cows and is a good source of nutrition – there is no alcohol content, so the happy cows will not get happier (depending on how you look at it).


Stayed tuned in 2014 to see if we act on the plan to grow hops!