Know Your Food – Potatoes

We harvested our potatoes this week – a cause for much celebration!


This year we grew Nicola potatoes which Peter tells us are a low GI potato in addition to a crop of Yukon Gold.


While potatoes are much maligned in the dieting world for their high carb content, here at Vitala Foods we believe in moderation and the humble potato still has many virtues that are often overlooked.


Generally, potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin C and vitamin B6 as well as being high in folate.


As we said earlier, the Nicola potato is an even better choice as it has a glycaemic index rating of 58, compared with the Russet Burbank with a GI rating of 111.


We are selling our Nicola potatoes at Nature’s Pickin’s this year so get in and grab some for your thanksgiving feast before they sell out!