Love is in the Air

It’s Family Day on Monday February 13th and then Valentines Day on Tuesday February 14th and then Canada’s Agriculture Day on Thursday February 16th.  That’s quite a week we have coming up…not to mention the snowmegedon that we enjoyed these last few days. I still feel like I’m digging myself out of the snow but time to think about next weeks festivities and make some plans.

family drawing

First up is FAMILY DAY.

Family Day Festivities begin this weekend and are happening all over the place.  Family Fun Canada had some great ideas; and most recreation centers have something special going on as well, check out your local rec center.

Remember, the point of Family Day is FAMILY, so spend it with the ones you love, ones who feel like family or ones who need to feel some family love.



Generally it’s safe to say that it’s not so much about the money you spend but the thought that goes into it.  Some of the best gifts might not cost more than a few minutes time.  I personally would take a thoughtful, hand written card over a dozen red roses or a heart shaped box of chocolates.

A little hint, consider who the person is you are trying to express your love to and plan accordingly by making it personal…if she loves wild flowers don’t buy her roses…if he loves steak don’t cook him tofu, if she loves quality chocolate don’t pick up a box at the gas station…if he is hoping for a nice dinner out, don’t serve him leftovers…I think you get the idea.

And if you do want to go out for dinner…plan ahead and make a reservation.

Ag Day Square Graphic


New this year is Canada’s Ag Day celebrates Canadian Agriculture.  Good news is, EcoDairy has a week long Ag celebration with special offers, experiences and promotions.  Come join us for some fun on the farm and meet the Vitala cows.


So this coming week I hope there is more LOVE in the air and less snow blowing in the wind.

Enjoy the week!