Loving the long table

Yes, I know you’ve heard about it already but I can’t help gushing about our dinner party.  Yes, everything was picture perfect from the weather, the table, the flowers, the displays, the music, the ambiance and the food which was a masterpiece prepared by the talented Bon Vivant chef Dino and served with style and grace by Nessa and Gabe.  They made hosting a dinner party easy, I never even had to tie on an apron!  But what’s a dinner party without guests?  After all, THE GUESTS ARE WHAT TURN A DELICIOUS MEAL INTO A DINNER PARTY.   And what a great party it was!


I was a little star struck with the opportunity to meet so many social media gurus that I have only followed or seen in pictures, featured in magazines and on televised segments and here they were, shaking my hand and joining me for dinner. It was also heart-warming to connect with old friends and supporters as well.


Sitting down to dinner we enjoyed great conversations and good laughs with old friends and new friends alike but there was one noticeable difference for me that I generally don’t experience at other dinner parties I have hosted or attended.  A general rule at our dinner table at home is that there is no TV viewing, no answering phones, no toys or electronics.  The lights are on but everything else is off…except maybe some soft background music.  But not so much at the long table.  The guests were busy snapping photos with handheld devices and I was surrounded by a table full of tweeting, posting, liking and Instagramming guests.  “Tweet it, then eat it,” I overheard one guest say.


While I may be new to this blogging world, I understood that their busy fingers and clicking devices were their way of showing appreciation.  They liked what they saw and experienced and were sharing it with others, it was a compliment really.  What might be taboo at home was a okay at this dinner table.


Looking forward to the next long table dinner party!