Meet Amanda

THIS WEEK we would like you to meet Amanda. She’s in charge of payroll… that’s one of the reasons that we like her, but she’s also just great in general.

Please tell us your name: Amanda Huizing


What do you do here?  Accounting & Payroll Coordinator


What’s the best thing about your job?  Everything! I absolutely love what I do; my co-workers are amazing and my bosses are the best!  How many people can say their boss encourages them to take 4 months off to travel?


Favourite movie and why?  I would have to say The Sound of Music, it’s probably the best musical of all time and I just love musicals.  My cousins and I would watch it all the time growing up; I think we could recite the whole thing, songs and all.


Coffee or tea? Definitely coffee!


Tell us one thing on your bucket list.  To see the whole world.