Meet Melanie and Kelsey – the farm girls

EVER WONDER who is behind the scenes taking care of all the animals? Well this week we are excited to introduce to you everyone’s favorite summer worker Melanie and her intern Kelsey who, along with her southern accent, is all the way from Tennessee.

Please tell us your names:

K: Kelsey Smith
M: Melanie Boros

What do you do here?

M: We work with all the animals at the animal exhibit and do odd tasks like haul a lot of blueberries.
K: And give tours.
M: You give tours, I don’t.

Kelsey, What are your favorite and least favorite things about Canada?

K: Least favorite, It’s almost July and it’s still cold and it rains. I miss summer weather. Favorite, I really like the scenery here and the people are really nice.

Favorite animals here on the farm?

K: The cows and the goats, they’re cool.
M: The cows and the two goats I took home. Also, Mel the cow is named after me.

Do you have any hobbies?

K: Seeing Canada while I’m here.
M: Soccer and watching superhero movies.

How is it working together?

M: It’s nice to have another girl on the farm. We’ve gotten into a lot of trouble.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, what one item would you want to have with you?

K: A hammock, that way I could relax and make up books in my head and then read them to myself.
M: Maybe a cow, no probably a goat!