Meet the New Flock on the Block: Free Bird Eggs

New Flock on the Block

Vitala Foods has some EGGciting news. We have a new flock on the block.

Please welcome FreeBirdEggs

Currently our Vitala Foods family includes milk, yogurt and free run eggs.  Our Vitala eggs are laid by a cage free, free run flocks of chickens fed a quality diet and in turn they produce some pretty fabulous eggs.  Our Free Bird flocks also lay some quality eggs, the Free Bird flocks are free range.

A Taste of Freedom

Did you catch that? Let me try and explain because understanding eggs can get a little complicated.

VITALA Free Run Eggs are laid by chickens who are not in cages but are housed in barns and free to run around as they please.

FREEBIRD Free Range Eggs are laid by chickens that walk about the farm freely, they have access to the outdoors and are free to roam around in the fresh air all day and head inside the barn for a cozy nights sleep.  FreeBird hens experience a little more freedom hence the name Free Bird Eggs.

Get Cracking

So weather you enjoy Vitala Free Run Eggs or our new brand of free range FreeBirdEggs, you can feel good about the egg you are eating because it’s been laid by a hen without a pen, who is fed a well-balanced diet and is well taken care of by a farmer who cares and appreciates all her hard work.

Enough talk.  Stop by your local grocer and ask for Free Bird Eggs by name or visit one of these fine retailers that currently carry FreeBirdEggsLepps, Natures Pickins, T&T markets in BC, Lee’s Market, Real Canadian Superstore locations in Saskatchewan to try some FreeBirdEggs from one of our farms.

Have an EGGcellent Day!  


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