Mother’s Day Musings

Mother’s Day is this coming Sunday.
We all came into this world because of a mother so Mother’s Day is worth celebrating.
You would not be here without a mother…and you are pretty incredible.
I have an AMAZING Mom so I have reason to celebrate. She is my hero!

Mothers Day 2017 Mom & I
I also have a terrific mother and law.
I am also fortunate to be a mom myself a few times over so even more reason to celebrate.
But that’s just me.
I know that for others this is a difficult time.
There are those who have lost their mothers.
There are those who have broken relationships or no communication with them.
There are those who long to be mothers but have not been able to conceive a child.
There are those who have lost a child or several children.
There are those who are waiting on the adoption process to deliver their child.
Whatever your take is on Mother’s Day, we hope you can celebrate someone…weather it be your own mother, someone who has been like a mom to you or the mom you have the potential to be.
Happy Mother’s Day!

Mothers Day 2017 V, L & I   Maui liam and me

Moms Day 2017 A & me  Mothers Day 2017 Joe & Tux

I’m thankful these little people will be celebrating me!

May you find something or someone to celebrate this Mother’s Day!