My 16 Year Old is Driving Me Crazy!

Yup, my girl just turned 16 and is driving me crazy…because she is growing up way too fast!

When I was a new mom, many, many, many people told me time flies.  In fact, I heard it so much from all these experienced moms that it even got a little annoying.

It didn’t feel like time was flying for me.  Days home alone with my baby felt long and lonely, teething seemed to take forever, getting her to sleep through the night felt like an eternity.  But these experienced moms and grandmas would look at baby Annabelle and say, ‘she’ll be all grown up before you know it’…and it may have gotten a little annoying to hear…but now I know.



She is my firstborn.  The one who made me a mother.  The one that had to tolerate all my first time mom mistakes and failings.The one who challenged my good intentions and efforts.    And, through a bit of hair pulling, eye-rolling, and voice raising we have survived and I love and adore her…and I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m okay too.

Life is not all rainbows and roses between us.  There are moments.  Moments we might wish we could take back or forget. Moments where I lose my cool or mess up.  Moments where I could kick myself.  But there is no turning back time, we must enjoy the present moments and look forward to the future.

We are very different but I think we have come to figure it out and even appreciate and respect those differences.

I just cant believe she is 16…but she is, and she is growing up fast.

It’s always these milestones where it really hits me: turning 30, then 35, then 40…when they learn to walk, lose baby teeth, when each of my babies went off to school, especially when my last went off to kindergarten and my oldest off to high school…and now…Annabelle is 16.  All in the blink of a teary eye.

You cannot make time stop or stand still so cherish the moments…us older people know what we are talking about….TIME FLIES!

Annabelle     Annabelle6

Love you girl!!!!