My Biker Babe



Bill had been talking about getting a bike.  Saying how fun it would be to ride the open road with a bunch of friends, maybe even me.  Unexpected from my Bill, but cool, I thought.  Maybe a little dangerous but thrilling all the same.  I’d have my very own biker babe complete with a shiny black and chrome Harley Davidson, a pair jeans that were tight in all the right places, a new leather jacket with lots of zippers and a black helmet paired with a pair of aviator shades.  I’d wrap my arms around his waist and we’d ride off into the sunset….ahhhhhh.

But that fantasy came to a screeching halt when I saw the bike he was looking at; a bicycle NOT a motorbike.biker bill 2

But of course, he wanted a road bike, now that sounds more like Bill.


No leather and denim and cool aviator sunglasses but a whole lot of tight fitting spandex, shoes that click like high heels when he walks around and an oddly shaped aerodynamic helmet and shades.  No room for me on the back of this bike, heck that seat is hardly big enough for him and in fact has proven to be a real pain in the butt.  Bill can tell you all about it.

biker bill

Bill did indeed get a new bike, it may not fit my biker babe fantasy but he is still the man of my dreams.

bill & lin