New Year, New You? Not Yet!

I must confess, sometimes during the holidays I feel and even act a little like this guy.

A wee bit of a pig!

pig body shot

Is anybody with me on that?  I couldn’t resist indulging…perhaps overindulging at all the cocktail parties and holiday dinners where sweet and savory food and beverages flow freely. My mouth is watering just thinking about the left over box of chocolates sitting in the staff room…I think I even hear them calling my name!

But, it’s the dawn of a new year…I’m not necessarily looking for a new me, just the pre-holiday me will do…but an even better me will be fine too.

Now to make it happen by setting some goals.

So as we face the dawn of a new year, what are your resolutions for this business of New Year, New You!

winter sky

Let’s get out there and make it happen!