On Lake Time

Summer is coming to an end as we close up the cabin for another year I read the various signs hanging around our cabin that reveal different philosophies of being on vacation.
Like the one that says;’What happens at the cabin stays at the cabin’. I’m not going to try and explain that one.

Another one reads, ‘On Lake Time’. I suppose that could mean different things for different people but here is what ‘lake time’ looks like for the VanderKooi clan? Schedule free!
We sleep until we wake up or someone wakes us up which really is against the rules but we have some gung-ho, early risers in this family.
We enjoy a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast on the front deck as we plan the day. After clean up we usually designate some time for the kids to work on academics in age appropriate workbooks or reading or journaling or something to get them thinking so their brains don’t turn to mush over their summer vacation.
When that’s done they sneak in some time on electronics otherwise they spend time playing with cabin toys or going for a bike ride around the neighborhood while I go for a morning run and Bill for a cycle on his new wheels.
Upon our return we rally the troops, tidy up, put on our swimsuits and head down to the beach.
We bring along a cooler full of snacks and drinks as well as a wagon loaded with towels, fishing supplies, sunscreen, beach toys, tubes, goggles etc.
Our wagon load was a bit of a joke amongst our neighbors at the beach initially but I think they see the merit in a wagon full of fun and let’s just say ours isn’t the only wagon on the beach these days.
We lather on the sunscreen and welcome our days guests weather it be family or friends coming to spend a day at the beach.
We enjoy our various beach activities…swimming to the various docks, diving in to the fresh lake water, searching for treasures among the pebbles, playing on the tippy dock, paddle boarding, fishing with rods, nets and buckets, exploring the creek, time on the tire swing, boating and boating activities, cliff jumping etc etc.
When we’ve all had enough fun in the sun we head back to our cabin.
We finish the evening with a shared meal at the cabin and a cozy fire (when the fire ban is lifted).
So, ‘ On Lake Time’ doesn’t exactly mean no work and all play but that’s but it does mean no strict schedules to adhere to and that’s fine by me…we are having a blast and making memories. I love ‘lake time’…but that’s all about to change isn’t it!?!

violet cultus