Palm Springs

While the snow fell in the valley this past weekend I was enjoying the warm sunshine of Palm Springs.




I feel so spoiled to have escaped a weekend of parental responsibilities in order to enjoy the desert with a group of high school friends.  We realize we are not in high school anymore but we sure felt young and carefree as we enjoyed all that Palm Springs has to offer.  We enjoyed good food and good times  catching up with one another.




High school may have been some time ago and we’ve moved in different directions but we still are not far off from who we were back then.

Here we are:


the opera singing diva, the blonde bombshell, the sporty cheerleader, the friendly & fun fashionista, the indecisive, sweet romantic and then myself, the fun loving goof.


I had a total blast in high school, and these girls had a lot to do with that but I’m having even more of a blast now, just being me and filling my role as a mom and a wife.  And I wouldn’t trade in the years and experiences for anything.


I especially appreciated coming home to these little treasures.