Pete gets his gardening fix

Hello my lambs!


Snow, slush, rain, wind, snow, slush, freezing rain, slush, wind, repeat. I thank the good Lord every day for insulated rubber boots, gloves, and a good winter jacket, because it’s been a little nasty out there recently. I’m hoping this last weekend’s storm was the last of Winter, because we can’t wait for some good growing weather.


Besides the fruit crops, this year we plan to get a bit more variety in what we grow. Part of that included building a small greenhouse where we will be able to grow some tomatoes, cucumbers, and some melons. You need hot weather for these crops, something that BC isn’t so generous with. Putting these crops under glass or plastic really benefits production, and deliciousness by a factor of 1 million.[1]


Building a greenhouse is also a good way for a gardener/farmer to get their gardening fix without having to resort to other dependencies such as hard drugs, eating Faberge eggs, or crashing supercars.[2] It will also extend the growing season for some of our crops. Another diversion from embracing mind bending and life destroying bad habits as alternatives to gardening is to order seed packets, hug them, sniff them and roll in them.[3]


After we built the greenhouse a wicked wind storm picked up. It was a difficult evening trying to convince the plastic on the greenhouse not to relocate to the middle of Sumas Way. With the wind, came mini ice daggers that stabbed my face continually during the process of securing the plastic. But, I won. And the ice exfoliated my skin. So, the greenhouse is still standing for now, and I declare that it is rated for 70km/hr wind storms.[4]


So, in the next couple weeks we will be planting our seedlings in the greenhouse to get a good start on the season. Our goal is to supply our friends at Nature’s Pickin’s with a wide variety of tasty, organic veggies and fruits, so check in often this season to see what they have available.


Stay tuned for photos of this fun project and possibly even tutorials on how to garden like a boss!


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[1] A true fact, from The book of true things, p. 16

[2] These are all realistic alternatives to gardening for gardeners.

[3] See picture of me doing so.

[4] This has been verified by every structural engineer in the world.