Resolution #1 – Body

As far as resolutions go losing weight and getting fit top the list for people every year.

I’m scared to imagine how many people buy gym memberships and resolve to use them only to have them sit unused and expire. And with weight loss, people might go on a diet and lose some weight only to gain it all back (I think statistically it like 90% of people who lose weight gain it all back…now that’s discouraging.) My brother in law summed it up best when claiming his successful resolutions; “Ya, I lost 30lbs this year, but then I found it again” :).

But I digress…I did not make weight loss one of my resolutions although it would be a welcome side effect of getting fitter :).  I try not to worry too much about a number on a scale but I wouldn’t be opposed to turning jiggley fat into lean muscle.

My BODY goals include keeping fit, feeling strong and being toned and I intend to do this through physical activity and eating right.

For me the key to enjoying being physically active is participating in activities I like and having lots of variety.  I see my trainer friend 1x a week and that makes me feel strong and accountable as I report back my weekly activity, yoga makes me feel relaxed & flexible, running energizes me, hikes inspire me, riding a bike is just fun, fitness events and activities motivate me and give me something to work towards.

The resolution I shared last week regarding my BODY was participating in at least 2 fun fitness events in 2015…now to figure out which ones.  Any ideas?