Resolutions Review

It’s been said that you are ‘Judged by your ACTIONS and not your INTENTIONS’.

Oh dear…remember all our good intentions when we started off the year with a long list of resolutions for 2015?

It’s hard to believe it’s already 1/3 into the year and time for a quick review the resolutions to either congratulate ourselves on a job well done or to encourage ourselves to get back on track.

So…how are we doing? I don’t know about you but I need to pull up my boot straps and refocus.

Here is my update on the 4 resolutions I shared on the blog.


BODY – Make Fitness Fun

Yes, I did join Cross Fit and I signed up with team Basket Cases for the MS Grape Escape cycle trip in Langley…. torturing myself in these ways is fun… right?!?  I’m also looking into a fun mud run.


MIND –  Read More Books

Yes, I’m reading… 4 books so far but I could read more.


HEART – Daily Acts of Kindness

I started off strong with this one but find sometimes I might do 12 Acts of Kindness in one day and then relax a bit for a couple of weeks…so I need to be more consistent.  And yes Karen, I will get you that cup of coffee.


SOUL – Pray & Journal

Lord knows I’m praying…but not always journaling☹


Okay, so those were only the four resolutions I shared with you but believe me I have many more…drink more water, clean eating, green tea, catch up on photo albums, organize the home, be on time consistently, cut down on evening snacks, make more time for friends, spend more time with my mom, teach the kids responsibility…I’m suddenly overwhelmed and inspired to get back on track.

Let’s check in again in another few months and make this the year of realized resolutions!