Road Trip 2015

We recently enjoyed an RV road trip down to Oregon State.
What a blast!
7 people in a vehicle for hours on end… What doesn’t sound fun about that?!?


Okay, okay…some days entailed A LOT of driving which also meant a little bit of grumbling.
In the age of electronics it might surprise you to hear we did not watch a single movie or show.
Here is how we made the 30+ hours of driving worth every minute or at least bearable.
We read aloud 2 great historical biographies, we played dozens of games of UNO and even attempted Jenga on a bumpy ride (that didn’t last), we listened to music and talked together a lot about big ideas and little thoughts.

oregon-4 oregon-2
Our favourite way to break up the driving was stopping a fair bit at points of interest along the way. Oregon State is breathtaking and this made it easy as we had the opportunity to explore caves, observe sea lions, hike to lighthouses, dip in lakes, jump off cliffs, whip through sand dunes on dune buggies, walk through forest trails, climb mountain peaks, wade in ocean waves, beach comb, explore markets, wind surf, enjoy tasty treats and make a boatload of memories.
It’s official… WE LOVE ROAD TRIPS!

oregon-6 oregon7

Now…where should we go next?