Roll on summer

OUR JAR full of summer fun was put into good use this past week with a trip to White Rock for a day at the beach. We found crabs, spotted starfish, dug up clams and mussels, played in the sand, walked the pier and climbed the White Rock.

My daughter informed me that on a recent class field trip to White Rock her teacher explained that initially the giant rock on the beach was ‘painted’ white thanks to all the seagulls flying overhead…ewwwwww! How’s that for a fun fact? Now the rock just has a nice coat of fresh paint that seems to be re-applied every year.

After all of our activity at the beach we couldn’t resist the fish & chips offered up at a local eatery and enjoyed a picnic lunch with the seagulls hovering around.

Here are some pictures of each of my kids enjoying their time at White Rock: Annabelle dipping her feet in the ocean with some of her favorite cousins. Liam catching lots of crabs. Violet finding pretty shells. Lucy walking along the beach in search of treasures. Joseph digging and running and running and digging, getting wet and sandy.

Inspired by our ‘Summer Fun Idea Jar’ my chicklets insisted we fill up another jar with ideas of places to go to enjoy a cool and refreshing summer snack on these warm summer days.  We’re calling it the ‘Summer Treats to Eat Jar’ full of ideas and they all sound delicious to me:

  • Vitala Ice Cream from the booth beside the EcoDairy (yep, we go here A LOT)
  • Frozen berry yogurt at the Clayburn Teashop and Store – all of that candy is irresistable
  • Menchies Frozen Yogurt – it’s a frozen yogurt buffet
  • A&W for a good old fashioned root beer float – I haven’t had one of these since I was a kid!
  • Birchwood Dairy – sounds moovelous!
  • Booster Juice – they sure know how to make a smoothie!

While the kids are filling jars with ideas I hope to be filling some jars with jam soon.  I think it’s time to go berry picking!  Got any good recipes for sugar free jams? Let me know on our Facebook Page!