September Survivor

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post because September hit me like a 10 tonne truck.  Seriously!  It seemed like an insurmountable mountain but I did it!

Now that I have adjusted into the rhythm of our new routine I feel like October is giving me a chance to finally recover.

Whats my problem?

This is my problem…or these are my problems.


My problem is my family…which isn’t a problem really…it’s a choice and a blessing but sometimes it is a little overwhelming.  My 5 wonderful, healthy, active kids and my overachieving, hard working husband keep me on my toes…or tripping over myself as I head from one thing to the next.

TAXI: Time to Paint the Truck Yellow!

Basically, I am a taxi driver.  I always thought it was silly to have a bumper sticker that said ‘Mom’s Taxi’ …I still think it’s silly but it is truth!  I am always driving.  There are 3 different school campuses, 10 different teams, 4 different arenas,  5 different programs, 3 different jobs, 6 clubs and I’m sure I’m forgetting something and that’s just the kids.  I have a life too you know…or do I?

Busy is a Choice!

Yes, this busy life is a choice.  I chose to marry this guy and we chose to have kids…not 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 but 5.  We choose to encourage them to get jobs, volunteer, foster friendships, participate in sports, join teams, become club members, partake in activities and programs etc. and of course attend school.

So yes, it is a choice but with choices come consequences.

The Consequences

There are consequences to this choice of embracing what life has to offer: the gas we burn through, the wear and tear on my taxi-truck, the very full calendar, the grocery bills to fuel these active bodies, the expense of some of these things and sometimes my sanity to name a few.

Those consequences all seem pretty negative but let’s try look on the bright side.

The Rewards

There are positive consequences too.  Cheering and watching my kids do their thing is one of my favorite things to do!  That’s my reward but there are benefits for them too: learning life lessons through winning and losing as well as learning teamwork and sportmanship and developing good habits and fit, healthy bodies through sport, building community and developing generosity and patience when volunteering, developing wonderful friendships and gaining wonderful mentors by being a member of teams, clubs and groups, learning work ethic and money management through work experience…to name a few.

We are not forcing our kids into these activities but we are also not letting them do whatever they want because we believe balance is good.

Finding Balance

Yes life is full and busy and the calendar is colorful and crowded.  Yes, I get overwhelmed at times.  Yes, there are consequences, good and bad but we understand the importance of balance.  While life is busy and full we believe we need to take time to relax and chill, time away from the schedule, time to be still and just breath and enjoy one another or being alone so we encourage that in this household too.


Ahhh October

So here we are at the beginning of October. I feel composed after the whirlwind of September and I’m ready to enjoy being a taxi driver, cheerleader, encourager, supporter, adviser and cook for this busy life I have chosen.