Sisters Getaway In Vegas

I did not spend the Family Day weekend with my hubby and kids…but, fortunately I did get to spend it with family; my sisters, whom I consider some of my dearest friends.  What a fantastic weekend it was! (And even though my Mom and brothers wives were unable to join us, we still managed to have a blast!)

We went to Las Vegas, which for us was a very exotic destination since normally we keep it somewhat local only venturing a few hours by car.  But what a treat!

vegas day 1  vegas day 2

I know they say, ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’, but I don’t mind giving you a glimpse into our weekend away.  There was much laughter and talking, reading and walking, poolside lounging and piano side singing, meal sharing, sisters caring, good eating, a bit of gambling, no cheating, show watching, street walking, goofing off & having fun.

vegas night 1 vegas night 2 vegas night 3

In the end, we felt like we had a very fun, adventurous yet relaxing time away.  And if you ever find yourself in Vegas, here is what we recommend:

  • Take in a show: …or two or three (tix4tonight has great deals on great shows)
  • Walk the strip at night: the lights, the people, the entertainment, the energy…it’s mostly fun although a little bit scary and scandelous
  • Visit the major casino resorts: they are all quite something, the architecture, the decor, the displays, the free shows/exhibits etc.
  • Dine out:  there is an endless feast of culinary treats…try as many as you can.  We enjoyed your typical Vegas buffet, burger joint and finer dinning…unfortunately we didn’t have enough time nor big enough appetites to try them all
  • I know I shouldn’t say this but Gamble…just know your limit and stay within it.  I am not a gambler but I confess…I spent $5 on the penny slots and only came home with 35 cents…but it is Vegas people, I had to try.
  • Keep good company…let’s face it I really enjoyed Las Vegas because of the people I went with…I don’t think I need to go back anytime soon but I wont say no to another sisters getaway.
vegas poolside  vegas day 3                                                      vegas pool shadows

And that my friends is what happens in Vegas!