Sleep + Eat + Activity = Fit Kids

I like to think we have 5 fit little chicklets; this is achieved through a balance of healthy diet, ample sleep and physical activity. All this is easier said than done…am I right 🙂


Ensuring kids are physically active is a lot trickier today than when I was growing up.  You see as a kid I REALLY did bike or walk 1 mile along a hilly country road to and from my school, my siblings and I had farm chores and were allowed to participate in one school sport; the rest of our physical activity came from family games of hide and seek,  flag football and hours spent horsing around in the great outdoors.


Fast forward to the physical activity of my kids; they don’t walk to school and the chores they do have are not that physical, hence they are encouraged to play outside and participate in organized sport and school sport. Sometimes as willing participants (volleyball, hockey, gymnastics) and sometimes not (swimming).


I ’m sure if they had it their way they would eat pretty unhealthy diets, sleep far less and lead much more sedentary lives which might sound like fun to them but I know it’s not in their best interest.


So while they are under our roof we think it’s important to help our kids achieve a balance and we encourage them to try different sports and activities…not because we expect them to be future Olympians or professional athletes but because we want them to have fun and we know the benefits of being part of a team and leading an active lifestyle.


How do you keep your kids active?