Spring on the Vitala Foods Farm

Hello Spring!

I think it is safe to say spring has finally arrived and spring on the farm is an exciting time.

The temperatures are rising, the weather is warming, the puddles have evaporated and the grass is growing and requires mowing.

Fields are ready to be plowed, worked and planted with various crops.

The animals feel it too.  The pigs bury themselves in dirt to keep cool on a warm day.

The self shearing sheep is steadily losing wool and the donkey and miniature pony need regular brushing and rub their fur along the fence.

Pastures and paddocks are prepared, trees have been planted and fences mended as animals are given outdoor space to roam and graze.

The windows are opened wide in the dairy barn and the fans are running to keep the cows comfortable.

Animals are giving birth.  Our lambs have already arrived and the kids (baby goats) are due any day now.

The berry bushes are showing signs of life, blossoms are blooming and the bees are a buzz.

We are even busy planning opening weekend of our Ice Cream stand just outside EcoDairy beside Natures Pickins.

And there are many fun plans underway as we prepare for school groups, group bookings, parties, summer camps and the influx of tourists at EcoDairy.

But amidst all the busy-ness of spring on our farm our animals remain relaxed and in their glory.  Our Vitala cows continue to produce fresh, healthy, local and delicious milk for our dairy products and our faithful chickens continue to lay the eggs we enjoy each morning for breakfast.

We are excited for spring and while the farmer is busy, the animals and the rest of nature take it all in stride.

Come see for yourself what spring is like here on the Vitala farm.