Start with ‘Why?’

THIS WEEK, I would like to challenge you to think of your Whys.  Why do you work where you do?  Why do you hang out with the friends you do?  Why have you joined a volunteer group, church, or club?  Think about what motivates your thoughts, actions, and communication.

The challenge is to start with why, not the how and what you are doing. The Why is our purpose, cause, and belief in something.

In case you are interested, I am discovering that my Why is around whole person Health and Happiness. This is something I hope to share with many people during my lifetime.

Here are a couple of examples that Simon Sinek (the guy who presented the concept) shared of a company and a person that started with their Why.  Apple’s shared belief is to think differently and revolutionize the computer industry. Martin Luther King had a dream for a liberated civil rights  America.  Neither talked about what they do or how they are going to do it, yet they each inspired millions of people who shared their vision.

Considering the Why can have a profound effect on your life.  I believe that the following sequence: disciplined thought leads to disciplined action, shapes your habits, forms your character, and creates your destiny; is a fundamental truth.  Bottom line is it all starts with your Why, which provides a framework for your thoughts and so on.

What is your Why?

Check out this video from Simon Sinek’s inspiring talk. If you would like to share your why with us, head to our Facebook Page and leave us a comment.

Until next week,