Thank You for 2018


As 2018 comes to an end we wanted to take the time to thank all of our supporters, encouragers, team members, partners, family & friends, farms & farmers and customers. You are the reason we exist.


Our vision and passion is to bring healthy food and it would be impossible without all of you.

We’d like to thank all of you; from the people who raised our founder, to people who have supported Vitala foods since it’s inception, to people who have advised us, guided us, supported us along the way.  Thanks to partners and partnerships that have formed and friendships forged; thankful to all the farms and farmers as well as the producers, graders,and processors.   Thankful for all the shops, markets, businesses, stores and category managers who believed in our products and took a chance on us (a small local food company).  And of course thankful to all of our customers who buy our products and tell their friends about how great they are.   THANKS!


2018 has been an great year!  Looking forward to where we are headed in 2019 … there are some exciting things on the horizon.  See you next year!


 ❤️ Vitala Foods