The A-team

RUNNING OUR operation here on the farm requires a good strategy and an even better team. We try to hire ‘A Players’ who can take ownership of their job and contribute beyond just their daily tasks. A couple years ago I had a student named Melanie come from a local high school to volunteer so she could get her work hours for graduation.


Once she was done with the program we asked her to stay on as a paid employee because we were so impressed with her. Melanie stayed on with us for the rest of the school year and through the summer but then left for university to study animal science. She still comes back on holidays and during her summer break to help out. When she returns, she whips our operation into shape in no time at all.


Within a couple days of coming to work with us Melanie (a kid from the suburbs) was already wrangling 1500 pound Holsteins into headlockers for vaccinations and it only got better. Today she’s probably a better herd manager than I am and is well on her way to achieving her goal in becoming a veterinarian.


We appreciate her great attitude, hardworking spirit, and her excellent attention to the details.


We’re saying goodbye again to her this week as she heads out to school for another semester, and we wish her all the best in her studies!