The dirt chain saw

Hello everyone,

I may have mentioned that I have the best job in the world. I’d like to reiterate that: I have the best job in the world. Why? Because of situations like this:

Our blueberry field is coming along nicely (as you can taste if you purchase some of our no spray berries at Nature’s Pickin’s) but because of how we graded the main pathway, we are having an issue with drainage. Some of the rows have become boggy, which is gross and could be detrimental for the blueberry plants if left too long.

So, we needed to put in another drainage line. Logically, the only solution was to rent a DIRT CHAIN SAW for our skid steer loader to CUT a TRENCH into the GROUND! It’s not really called a DIRT CHAIN SAW, but the real name, trencher, just doesn’t do justice to the tool. So imagine a massive chainsaw on the end of a tractor cutting through the dirt. Amazing? Yes.

And that’s why my job is the best. An accountant would probably be fired if she rented a DIRT CHAIN SAW to fill out a T-2202A form. Also, a daycare worker would probably be put in jail if he brought a DIRT CHAIN SAW to work. Not me. It’s normal.

So, once we have the trenches cut we will run a line through the field to the ditch, allowing the water to move out of the row ends. This will be really helpful once the BC monsoon arrives in the fall.

Some of you might think: Did I just read an entire blog post about a DIRT CHAIN SAW? And I would say to you: Yes, Yes you did. Bask in its effulgence!