The Travel Bag

This old bag is ready for vacation…and so am I☺

Spring Break has arrived and that means we get to enjoy a little family vacation.

The house is in order, the suitcases are packed and I can’t wait until we arrive at our destination… but first we need to spend some time traveling to paradise… which means I need to equip my bag (my carry on) with all the necessities.

Aside from the obvious passport and wallet, here are some things I think are essential.


The BAG:

The RIGHT bag…not just any bag will do.  It needs to be big enough for all the supplies, have a few compartments to tuck away the valuables, easy to carry and stow and it’s got to work with your wardrobe.  My ‘go to’ favorite is my fun Betsy Johnson bag: a little bit of sparkle and a little bit of leather make this bag suitable for anything.

IN the BAG:

Now, for the contents.

Cleaning supplies: I like to bring along wet wipes of some kind and a little bit of hand sanitizer.  Nothing like all the germs from around the world lurking in airports and airplanes.  I even heard rubbing a little Polysporin at the tip of the nose helps combat bad germs.

Hydration: Hydrate the body, hydrate the lips and hydrate the skin.  I bring a refillable water bottle along to fill, empty, repeat as well as hydrating lip gloss and some lotion.


Medication: It’s never a mistake to have some meds and medical supplies at the ready to bandage a scratch or cut, ward off a migraine, alleviate an earache or settle a stomach ache.


Recreation:  Nothing makes the time fly faster than some tools to entertain myself and my travel mates. Books, magazines, puzzles, pen and paper to sketch, write or doodle and a set of headphones and my recent playlist always make the travel time fly by.

Okay, now this bag is ready for travel… my bag… not saying I’m a bag☺ either way, we are both ready!