The Truth About Teenagers

Those rotten teenagers!  We’ve all heard someone grumble about teenagers.

An act of vandalism is committed…fingers point at teenagers. Theft, accidents, littering….blame the teenagers.

Stop the bus people…you cannot blame the entire teenage community for the act of a few hooligans. Yes, sometimes, some teenagers are stinkers but I also know some stinkers who are not yet teenagers and some who are well beyond teenage years.

I have 2 teenagers in my house which makes me an expert…hardly…but I do know a thing or two about teenagers…at least the teenagers I’m surrounded by.

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  • THEY STINK! They need deodorant and regular showers…sometimes they fight it…sometimes they don’t appreciate the reminders or you telling them they stink but…you’re doing us all a favor
  • THEY’RE IMPULSIVE! Their emotions, their mood, their behavior, their actions…you never know what you’re going to get but it is often as frustrating for them as it is for you, be gracious.  There are a ton of changes going on in the teenage body and mind.
  • THEY NEED BOUNDARIES! They think they know it all.  They’ll tell you no one else has a curfew, no one else has rules, all their friends can do whatever they want whenever…but, that’s not the case.  It’s okay to say NO.  They may fight you on boundaries and roll their eyes at you but they need you to be their parent, setting boundaries, briefly explaining why you set the boundaries and guiding them. Even though they are coming to an age when it feels like they are your friend, they still need you to be their parent.
  • THEY NEED RESPECT AND TO FEEL HEARD!  Talk to your teenagers, don’t talk at them. I think we all agree our kids are a priority but you need to show them that’s the case.  It’s always good to talk to them and listen to them…set time aside for quality one on one, ask about their day and listen for the answer, ask for their input or insight, encourage them in their accomplishments, cheer for them (but not too loudly) at their performances and sports. give them a hug.
  • THEY NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU LOVE THEM NO MATTER WHAT! Sure, they may drive you nuts at times but you drive them nuts too.  They may smell, fight with you, do crazy, impulsive, not so good things but be gracious and love them despite their crazy teenage flaws. You need to be a safe haven in this ever changing world. Tell them you love them…no matter what.

Okay, so I don’t have a PhD on teenagers but having been a teenager myself and having two teenagers of my own gives me some credibility…right.  And so far in our household, the so-called ‘dreaded teenage years’ are not bad at all.

How about you?  What truth can you impart about teenagers?

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