The veggies are coming

Hello everyone!


Things are coming along brilliantly in the vegetable growing department. Our little greenhouse is providing a great environment for our seedlings, and we also purchased some older plants to kick off some earlier production for tomatoes, cucumbers and melons. Outside things have been a little slower due to the cool wet spring we’ve had so far. Despite that, we’ve planted some early potatoes, some snap peas, and we’ve also planted up several rows of dahlias for cut flowers.


Dahlias are one of my favourite flowers. If you water them regularly and keep the slugs off they will produce a huge amount of flowers that make large bouquets with the wildest colour combinations. We have 12 different varieties in the ground which will be ready in a couple months. I hope to have them available through Nature’s Pickins when they are ready to be cut.


Another great thing about dahlias is that they are perennial. In the fall we will harvest the bulbs out of the ground and split them. Then we will store them until the Spring to be planted again. And, the more flowers you cut, the more they produce!




We’re keeping a close eye on the weather so we can plant more of the field vegetables like Edemame, beans, and all of our gourds. Patience is the key, because planting too soon on the South Coast usually means rotten seeds and poor germination, which then cause sadness and melancholy. And, as we can all agree, sadness and melancholy ought to be avoided at all costs.


So, unless we experience a devastating hailstorm in July, or a plague of locusts, we are prepared for a good growing season. We’ll keep you posted on when the produce is available, as I’m sure Nature’s Pickin’s will on their Facebook page.