Turning trav-hell-ing into travelling!

Spring Break is upon us and for some that means travelling with kids. Whether it’s a road trip, a plane ride or a ferry cruise, travelling with kids and keeping them entertained for the stop overs and taxiing and line ups and waiting can be a challenge. I have to say it has become easier with all the gadgets and electronics in the marketplace these days. But sometimes the trip takes more than a movie or video game to keep the peace and over the years travelling with a brood of 5 chicklets, I have learned a few tricks to turn trav-HELL-ing into travelling. Here are some that work from the toddler to the teenager.


–          Presents Please: I’ve had a wrapped gift in the carry on which, I make them aware of and inform them that if they are well behaved I will let them open the gift either halfway or ¾ of the way through a long flight…the gift is usually something they can do or enjoy for the remainder of the trip…a workbook, a Archie comic, a game…something to do for the rest of the journey.  This has worked like magic!!!


–          Scavenger Hunt Worksheet: Again this can be for any mode of travel (…on a plane I’ll have questions that might include…how many passengers are wearing hats, is a male or female sitting in row 12C, what is the name of our flight attendant, how long did the pilot say the flight would take,  find out the seat number of someone wearing glasses…etc…if it is car travel the questions might be…see how many licence plates you can find from outside of BC, can you spot any wildlife, try find a bus, a taxi, a motorbike, a hitchhiker…)


–          Talk: I love just enjoying good conversations with the family.  We spend the time talking and we ask ‘Would you Rather’ questions; would you rather swallow a raw fish or eat live ants, swim with sharks or run with bulls, go skiing or go on a tropical vacation.


–          Doodling Books: These are great for any mode of travel.  Sometimes you can tell the kids what they need to draw while other times you can let them draw whatever pops into their head.


–          Books on Tape: For the long road trip this has been wonderful.  We enjoyed CS Lewis’s the chronicles of Narnia this way as a whole family.  Listening to someone read you a story is captivating and makes the long rides enjoyable and seem short.


–          Play dough: I’ve brought this for the plane rides and it has been a hit with toddlers


–          Snacks: Avoid high sugar snacks but a little tasty treat is always nice and gum or a sucker is great for the descent at the end of a flight to avoid ear aches due to the change in cabin pressure.


These are a few tricks that have worked for us.  Happy trails to you!