The back to school routine has done a number on me.  We are over 2 months in but I feel like I’m scrambling to keep up with it all.  I’ve managed to keep them all fed and clothed but barely…don’t ask me when was the last time my teenage son ate vegetables or if my kid is wearing clean and matching socks.  But they are well and I’d say happy even if I feel like I am unraveling at the seams.

So what does a day in the life look like…breakfast, lunches and dirty dishes left on the counter as we drive off to school.

After dropping the kids off at their schools I head over to the office to work unless I have volunteered to bring the dog in for show & tell, bake cookies for PAC, make and deliver a meal for someone in need, volunteer to drive for one kids field trip, service project or sporting event.

The school day is over before you know it and I am back to pick up and feed hungry kids and deliver them to their various sporting events, activities, lessons, play dates, appointments and so forth…very rarely are we home together for dinner but that doesn’t mean I don’t have to have a meal ready to feed the seven of us at some point.  There is no regular routines.  The laundry baskets are full.  The counters are crumby.  The dishes are dirty. The furniture is dusty.

I’m keeping it real people!

I’m not complaining and I’m not sharing this to brag in a self pity sort of way or so you feel sorry for me…I’m writing this to see if anyone else can relate?

Yeah…I feel a little unraveled yet still…I know we are so blessed…and I see it now more than ever in light of recent  heart breaking events.  We are blessed because even though I feel like life is unraveling we are still a close knit family…albeit a little crazy.

I’m hanging in there…and I hope you are too!

unravelling knit scarf