Video coming soon: A Day at EcoDairy

Last week, we had an absolute blast filming a new video showcasing the amazing ways you can spend a day at EcoDairy.

From picking fresh berries in the Nature’s Pickin’s U-Pick, exploring our amazing Discovery Centre and Dairy Barn, picking up some delicious Vitala Product to take home, all ending in eating a delicious home-baked dessert around the kitchen table.

We can’t thank enough our wonderful ‘actors’ Natalie, Fiona, Audrey, Penny, Oscar, Jonah, Theo, Cohen, Layla and Elliette for giving their time so generously on what was a pretty tiring day.

We also couldn’t have dreamed of shooting in a more beautiful home – thanks Natalie!

We’ll be sure to share the video as soon as it’s complete!