Vitala Milk = EcoDairy Milk

When you reach for the milk to top your cereal or soften up your coffee you don’t want just ORDINARY milk.

You want delicious, fresh, tasty, nutritious, traceable milk.  You want…

EcoDairy Milk.

What’s EcoDairy Milk … even the cows are curious.



EcoDairy Milk IS Vitala Milk.

Same great milk just in a new package.

Get Your Farm Hand Experience

EcoDairy Milk, formerly known as Vitala Milk, comes from local farms in the Fraser Valley where sustainable and ethical farming practices are a priority.  There is opportunity to visit the EcoDairy farm where the milk is produced and even meet all those sweet dairy cows face to face and witness a robotic milker in action and experience a working dairy farm.  How cool is that?!?

Got Milk?

You should head on over to Natures Pickins to pick up a jug of EcoDairy milk.

Our MMMMMMMMilk is MOOOOOOOvalous!

Must Drink More Milk