What fitness means to me

Being fit for me is not a number on a scale or a particular size…and I’m not just saying that to make excuses for my wide hips and bubble butt…I’m blaming that on genetics.  Being fit means being healthy and having energy and a toned physique.  I have always enjoyed being active, the problem is I also really enjoy good food and I think through the years I have struggled to achieve the right balance where I can enjoy both and still look and feel great.




I know individuals who have taken pills to achieve a weight or size, joined an eating program to lose weight, even some who have gone under the knife or have implants or injections to achieve certain sizes.  However tempting those routes are I am determined to do it with the simple (although never EASY) formula of Good Stuff in + Activity = Results.  And while I have known this formula for some time now I never really bought into it or abided by it and I’ve made all the typical excuses…I don’t have the time to excercise, I’m too tired, I have no energy, I have 5 kids and my husband works a lot, I don’t have a very good metabolism, I really don’t eat that much…really, etc., etc.  And while most of those may be true, they don’t need to be excuses.  If I want to be fit, if I want to grow old with my children and be able to run and play with my grandchildren, if I want to wear that old pair of jeans from high school, if I want to wave and not have my arms jiggle, if I want to have killer abs and a toned butt that stands up and says hello, if I want to ski when I’m 70 and cycle through France when I’m 50,  I am the only one that can make that happen (barring an act of God).  It’s up to ME!  And so, with no more excuses to use as a crutch my mindset and attitude has changed and here is how I plan to get my desired results with the simple formula.


GOOD STUFF IN    Still eat what I enjoy but eat less foods with no food value and more veggies and protien foods and cut down on my nighttime snacking


+ GOOD STUFF OUT (ACTIVITY)   Work out 5 times a week – not just cardio but strength training to tone those muscles and strengthen my core, cardio to get my heart going and hot yoga to maintain  flexibility          




Can I do it, YES I CAN!!!!

How do you stay fit?