What…Mothers Day Already?

This weekend we celebrate Mother’s Day.

I’ve got many reasons to celebrate:

# 1 – my Mom, she’s totally amazing

#2 – all my other mom role models especially my sisters… They all have very different personalities, kids and parenting styles but I admire each one of them.

And #3…well actually #3,4,5,6 and 7 represent my five chicklets.


I can’t help but sigh and smile with gratitude.  5 beautiful, healthy, mostly happy children.  Yes, they drive me kinda crazy sometimes but it’s a good sort of crazy. A crazy I don’t take for granted.

For some, Mothers Day is a harder day.

A day of remembering a mother who has died, a mom they miss so much it makes their heart ache, a mother who is ill, a mother who is suffering or a mother who was never good at being a mom.

There are also those moms whose own hearts ache on this day.

Ache for the child they lost, a child who is suffering and no matter what mommy does she can’t make it all better.  Moms whose hearts ache for a child they barely met, a child whose life ended too soon, a child they never got to hold,  a child they can’t conceive or an adoption delayed.

My heart goes out to these such individuals and it makes me realize that my crazy life as a mom is a blessing I can’t take for granted.

Happy Mothers Day to you!