What We Really Want for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and while you are being blasted by advertisements telling you what your guy or gal wants I made some inquiries and found out what we all REALLY want.

Yes, people want chocolates, flowers, jewelry, a spa visit, a nice dinner, kisses, hugs, sex…but it’s more than just the things or the stuff, it really is THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS!  What people really want is to know you took the time to figure out what they want and spoil them with that.

Simply stated by one participant;   ‘I would love anything that has actual thought put into it.’

Another had this to say;

     ‘Someone to think of what makes me happy. I want them to take the time to plan something different and special, a different date or dinner than normal. It’s not about being expensive, but that someone took the time to make a reservation or plan quality time together. I won’t be happy if my “bae” just remembers it’s Valentines, I will be happy if he remembered and planned ahead. That being said, I think men should also get spoiled on Valentine’s day :)’

Here are a few other responses;

     ‘I would love to go for an early hike/run/walk together, then enjoy a Starbucks coffee.  And why not throw in having him clean the floors – lol’

    ‘Some undivided attention, so get a babysitter and go out together.’

    ‘All stuff you mentioned above please!  No, in all honesty, what I look forward to most on Valentine’s Day is spending quality time with my man. Life gets so busy, and it’s easy to fall into the same day to day routine. Quality time spent and going on new adventures is important to me. Valentine’s Day is a healthy reminder to do so, and more often throughout the year. 

From my research I think we can conclude that it really is the thought that counts.

More important than all the stuff was the thought that goes into it.  So rather than spend a small fortune on the stuff why not spend the time on figuring out what will mean the most to your valentine…and who says we just need to show the love on Feb 14th…because this is what someone had to say about what they wanted on Valentine’s Day;  ‘What I want every day.. a kiss, hug, and ” I love you”‘

I hope you feel the love and tell me, what do YOU really want for Valentines Day?